The Namibian Journal of Environment is a peer-reviewed, free, open access scientific journal published by the Environmental Information Service, Namibia, for the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Namibian Chamber of Environment and the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

The NJE accepts papers containing information about any aspect of the environment in Namibia. This includes areas of ecology, agriculture, social sciences, economics, policy and law, water and energy, climate change, planning, land use, pollution, strategic and environmental assessment and related fields. It publishes primary research findings, syntheses and reviews, applied and theoretical research, field observations and the testing of hypotheses, new ideas and the exchange of opinions, and book reviews.

The NJE publishes two categories of articles: Section A contains Peer-reviewed papers while Section B contains editor-reviewed Open articles such as field notes, book reviews and opinion pieces.

NJE update


The first half of the year has flown by and it may look as through the journal has been inactive. Not true!

Welcome to Volume 2, 2018


The editor and editorial committee wish all readers and contributors a very productive year.  We look forward to many interesting and informative contributions this year. 

Vol 1 (2017): Namibian Journal of Environment

Cover of Namibian Journal of Environment 2017 Volume 1

Namibian Journal of Environment 2017 Volume 1

Published: 2017-12-06
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