The Namibian Journal of Environment covers broad environmental areas of ecology, agriculture, forestry, agro-forestry, social science, economics, water and energy, climate change, planning, land use, pollution, strategic and environmental assessments and related fields. The journal addresses the sustainable development agenda of the country in its broadest context. It publishes two categories of articles: Peer-reviewed papers include primary research findings, syntheses and reviews, testing of hypotheses, in basic, applied and theoretical research. Open articles will be editor-reviewed. These include research conference abstracts, field observations, preliminary results, new ideas and exchange of opinions, book reviews.

The Namibian Journal of Environment aims to create a platform for scientists, planners, developers, managers and everyone involved in promoting Namibia’s sustainable development.  An Editorial Committee will ensure  that a high standard is maintained.

We invite interested parties from all walks of life to submit contributions to be considered for publication.

NJE is published in electronic format only. One volume will be published per year with new articles added on a continual basis.

ISSN: 2026-8327 (online version)


Editorial Committee of the Namibian Journal of Environment






Ms Barbara Curtis

General Biology

Curtis Consulting

Section editor

Mr Kenneth /Uiseb

Wildlife / Conservation

Ministry of Environment & Tourism

Section editor

Dr Gillian Maggs-Kӧlling

Botany / Vegetation

Gobabeb Research & Training Centre

Section editor

Dr Anna Matros-Goreses

Water & Energy


Section editor

Dr Alfons Mosimane

Social science

University of Namibia

Section editor

Dr Chris Brown


Namibian Chamber of Environment

Section editor

Dr Thomas Christiansen

Land & landscapes / General

Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST)

Section editor

Dr M Humavindu

Env.  & Dev. economics


Section editor

Dr Ibo Zimmermann



com member

Dr Morgan Hauptfleisch

Wildlife / NRM


com member

Ms Alice Jarvis

Technical support

Jaro Consultancy