Introducing the New Editors


Dear NJE Subscriber,

I am pleased to announce that the Namibian Journal of Environment has new editors.

Following John Irish's admirable stint as editor of the journal, the position has now been taken over by a team of editors based at the Ongava Research Centre. Myself (Ken Stratford), John Mendelsohn, Florian Weise and Stéphanie Périquet will be dealing with the editorial process.

I will be the main point of contact, and you can send any queries to me regarding submission, papers in progress, or any other journal matter at the NJE editor address (

If you have a paper under consideration by the journal I will write to you to confirm its current status.

We would be happy to consider submissions of any scientific articles that fall within the scope of the journal's four sections. Use our website to submit your paper ( Please remember to check that your paper follows the guidelines for authors before you send it in - you can download them here.

We look forward to receiving your papers!

Kind regards,

Dr. Ken Stratford Ongava Research Editorial Team