PL Cunningham F Detering


Age, growth rate and regrowth for some indigenous tree species causing bush thickening in Namibia were determined. The mean age varied between 25.5 years for Acacia mellifera subsp. detinens and 35.7 years for Acacia reficiens subsp. reficiens; the mean stem diameter growth rates varied between 2.78 mm/year for Acacia tortillis subsp. heterocantha and 3.79 mm/year for Acacia mellifera subsp. detinens and Terminalia prunioides. After harvest, the mean rate at which stumps resprouted varied between 45% for Acacia reficiens subsp. reficiens and 92.8% for Dichrostachys cinerea subsp. africana. Although our data are limited, they can be viewed as a first step to determining age, growth rate and regrowth for various tree species, although more research is required, including research on variables potentially influencing these parameters for a better understanding of the bush thickening problem in Namibia.


Section A: Peer-reviewed papers