On Thursday 7th December, the Namibian Journal of Environment was launched and went live. We published 13 papers in Volume 1 (2017): nine in peer-reviewed Section A and four in editor-reviewed Section B. We saved up the papers in Volume 1 for the launch. In future, papers will be uploaded as they are ready for publishing. The papers that are accepted in 2018 will make up Volume 2.

 Namibia has been without a dedicated environmental journal for over 15 years. Large amounts of valuable information will have been lost as a result. But perhaps more important, young graduates have had no national, easy to access, medium for publishing their research. A person who qualifies with a university degree in science is a science graduate. That person is not a scientist. A scientist is someone who has conducted post-graduate research, analysed and written up the results, submitted their manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals, had their papers accepted and published. Only after a person has built up a reasonable track record of publishing in peer reviewed journals, can she or he start calling themselves “scientists”. For the past 15+ years our scientific community, and particularly young aspirant environmental scientists, have been poorly served by not having access to a national peer-reviewed environmental journal. We have now redressed that sorry situation. This is an important step in promoting science in Namibia, supporting the development of young scientists, and encouraging scientifically-based, evidence-led policy development and decision-making.

 The editor and editorial committee would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the journal: the authors, reviewers, NCE and readers. Thanks for your support and encouragement. This is a Namibian journal for Namibians and Namibian data.  Please spread the word and encourage friends and colleagues to submit articles for Volume 2.