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HH Berry


External anatomical features of skulls and mandibles of ten Hartmann’s zebras and ten Burchell’s zebras in Namibia are described. Out of 44 structural features examined, 13 differ significantly (p=0.001) to the extent that they can be used to unambiguously identify the two species from intact skulls and mandibles. These differences are found in the foramen magnum, processus zygomaticus, crista pterygoidea, meatus acusticus externus, processus mastoideus, crista facialis, sutura frontonasalis, os frontale, foramina supraorbitale, crista sagittalis externa, processus palatini, processus retroarticularis and interalveolar border of the mandible. Using a combination of some or all of these differences enables an observer to identify the skulls of these two species of zebra with relative ease.

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